High-quality Inkjet Prints

THE PRINTS WE OFFER are made on the latest-generation Epson inkjet printers, using the best available

acid-free, rag-based papers and dye-based inks. Together, these promise colour permanence of up to 75

years or longer. Our preferred paper is a heavy Hahnemuhl paper with a beautiful, lustrous but matt surface

which holds the ink perfectly without any loss of contrast. If gloss prints are required we use Epson's own

highest quality, heavy-weight photo-paper which gives sparkling results.

We feel that colour or monochrome prints made by this method are at least the equal, in terms of quality

and appearance, of prints made by any conventional (ie. wet-darkroom) methods such as C-type, R-type

or Cibachrome. They may also be superior to conventional colour prints in their resistance to fading (which

has always been a problem with colour materials). The newest generation of dye-based inks are claimed to

resist fading for up to 75 years or more - much longer than any other printing method - however, it must be

said that the life of any print is greatly affected by the way it is mounted, presented and stored. Acid-free,

archival mounts and adhesive must be used, and care must be taken at all stages of handling to avoid direct

contamination of any kind. Wall-mounted prints should be subjected only to low light levels, and never to

direct sunlight or other intense lighting such as spotlights.

The appearance of the prints is superb and they are eminently suitable for framing and exhibition in all sorts

of surroundings, whether in domestic or business space. Our preferred size is A3+ (19x13", 48x33cms) but

other sizes can of course be made, to order. (Prints of larger sizes, or on different materials, by quotation.)

The cost per print is £50.00 within the UK, incl. Vat and p&p; outside the UK, the cost per print is $95.00

(E90.00) incl. airmail delivery. Prints are protected by heavyweight postal tubes and are sent by registered

mail. For more details, contact us by phone, fax or email.