What's new on the site in 2003/4

Nov/Dec 2002 saw a major re-design of the whole site, with every page receiving a cleaner, more modern

look. Efforts have also been made to try to make the site load more quickly. and to look better on more sizes

of monitor, and under different operating systems and web-browsers.

Wildcountry Photolibrary has new selections of images from the Portugese Algarve and the fjord region

of Norway, plus many new Scottish images, all shot very recently on medium and large format transparencies.

The old town, Albufeira

These are in addition to the new selections on Iceland and Egypt, and the frequent additions to the Scottish Highlands

collection. Since we were based until recently in Glencoe, many new images come from that home district - Glencoe itself,

Glen Etive, Rannoch Moor, Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis, the Mamore Hills and the wider Lochaber region. But the rest of

Scotland is not being ignored, and since 2002 many new Scottish images have been placed in Wildcountry Photolibrary.

The Highland Clearances pages will also show considerable change as soon as we can get the images scanned and uploaded.

Guilfoss waterfalls, southern Iceland -----------------------------------Bust of Ramses II, Luxor temple

Mountain cabin, Fjaerland, Norway.

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